Every Super Studio Needs a Sidekick!

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Gamescom 2016: Meet The Sidekicks

We will present our line-up in Koln, including:

Edge of Eternity
Hands on demo! Exclusive preview of the « Triple I » JRPG from Midgar Studio with the Alpha client that will be opened to Kickstarter bakers only later this year.
Hands on demo! A few weeks away from its release on PC and Consoles, the Splashteam will unveil a nearly final version of its epic plateformer.
Old School Musical
Hands on demo! A Kickstarter is coming this fall, try the very last demo of this crazy rhythm game including new levels and some hints about the very cool composers that will join the project during the crowdfunding campaign.
Hover: Revolt of Gamers
Hands on demo! For the past weeks the game received some major updates and is getting closer and closer to release (yes, it is!). Get a tour of Hover City and learn of the upcoming major updates that make that game the very proud heir of Jet Set Radio.
Crazy Pixel Streaker
Hands on demo! We’re pretty you missed that one. CPS was released on PC in june and is planned for PS4 and Xbox 1 this winter. Come get a taste of craziness, it won’t hurt we promise!

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